A Pink Crapillac!

With girls in the back!

eBrybody singing!

A laughing with the time!

All wound up and 

Mouthing with the rhymes!

That was fun! 

And Crapillac.com

can be developed


money making ways!

If you have talent and an edge in whatever field . . you know what to do . . 

Offer me a Million  . . make that Two

And  . . . maybe . . . perhaps

I might . . . . just probably . . . on a maybe basis . . . . pass it on to you . .

The Fun & Songs aside:


is for sale


(US) $1,495.00


“My America!


So says the


of a

Prick as President!


Such aside:

When Do We

Tell The Children?

With respect to purchase

of any of the URL’s in the side pane:

The following procedure is utilized:

Make your offer to


Either it is accepted or a more acceptable price is stated. Upon a decision to purchase, the amount, in US funds, must be deposited into the Bank account number provided within 48 hours; with the transfer then taking place as per usual practice. (The addition of an odd amount of cents to the purchase price helps to immediately identify the source of the money so paid.)

To a safer, saner

and more caring world.

To Duty.

Daniel J. Lavigne, Founder

"The Tax Refusal"

© Daniel J. Lavigne 2016